Here goes something, again.

I guess I have a WordPress site, yet again. Somehow maybe I will do something with it this time. Blog? I already try to write 750 words a day just for my own sanity. To keep myself positive and grounded. I don’t think it can hurt to write more. You know, reeeeeally talk it out.

Currently I’m on one of my trips to Chattanooga to see my wife. She’s living down here, and I’m living in Los Angeles. Hopefully to live together some time soon. It’s a hard plan with a lot of parts, and that is surprisingly vulnerable for a first entry in some online journal that has exposure potentially worldwide, yet realistically, close to or possibly zero.

I know there will be more things to say as I live my life. My first corn maze, a petting zoo, triumph over tobacco, creating fun things for people to enjoy. At least I hope to. Is it necessary to talk about them instead of just do them? Who knows. But here goes something, again.

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